Zapier/Gazella Integration to automate EVERYTHING! [Instructions]

Posted by Eric Burns on Jul 6, 2017 3:43:35 PM
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Gazella Wifi Marketing and Zapier Integration



This guide is going to teach you all the steps you need to take in order to do automate sending the data you collect in Gazella wifi marketing to your Zapier account. In this case, you are integrating it with your Zapier account in order to automate your Gazella Wifi Marketing using Zapier.

Before you begin, note that Zapier has several integration means a user may want to use, so you will have to make your choice.

Step 1: Get a Zapier Account (they have a free version!)

Zapier wifi marketing integration-1.png

You will have to open/create a Zapier account. While doing this, ensure that your account is also opened in Gazella. Thus, you will have at least two tabs open simultaneously in order to proceed one tab for Gazella and the other for Zapier.

Step 2: Triggers

With your Zapier account open, you go to Triggers in your Gazella account. Click on Create Trigger. 

 create trigger.png

Step 3: 

Click on Device Connects (still on Gazella account), and choose Every Time, and make sure to leave the next option underneath this at Unlimited Times. Scrolling down, you will be expected to choose Trigger a Webhook (you have to click on this in the open Gazella account). Note that here you are going to be using Zapier for a Webhook, hence the need to click on it.


Step 4

Scrolling down, on an open dialog box, you will be prompted to input your Webhook URL and choose your parameters.

 *Note you can use zapier with both whitelabel wifi marketing accounts and Gazella accounts. 

Step 5:

Without doing anything in Step 4, transition back into your Zapier account in order to create a new Zap (the name for app workflows).


Step 6: 

Select Make a Zap. After this you will be expected to choose a Trigger App. What you choose depends on where you want your zap to go to: Webhook. Go ahead and type in Webhook into the search box.

 zapier gazella wifi marketing webhook.png

Step 7

Once it loads, you will have the next available option to either choose a Retrieve Poll or a Catch Hook, or Catch Raw Hook. (your choice at this point depends on your needs). Choose Catch Raw Hook and then click save and continue.

 webhook-catch hook zapier gazella wifi marketing integration.png

Zapier will then generate a unique URL for you to use. Go ahead and copy that URL.


Step 8

After copying the URL to the clipboard, click back to your Webhook URL page (refer to step 4). paste the URL into the open box.


Step 9

Below the URL box, choose the parameters to pass the data to from Zapier: email, name, time, phone.

 trigger a webhook zapier gazella wifi marketing.png

Step 10

For this guide, choose phone. On the URL box, beside the last letter of the URL, enter: phone=[phone].

Then click on Add Trigger.


Step 11

Head back into Zapier account and click on “Ok I Did This”. The Zapier system will search for the Raw Hook which was just configured on the Gazella Account. It may take some time. You just have to wait. When it is done, a result will pop up with the words: Test Successful displayed in a green box. This is to show that your work was successful.


Step 12

To run a further test, go back to your Gazella Account and copy the URL in the box, open a new tab, and paste the URL into the search box. Hit enter and wait.

If successful, a result will pop up and show that you are successful.


So, now you’re set up and a Zap will be created whenever your set action occurs.

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