Posted by Samantha Gunn on Sep 12, 2018 11:03:00 AM
Samantha Gunn

Why Free WiFi?

According to the LA Times (data from consulting firm the Yankee Group)

  • 96 percent of respondents prefer businesses that offer free Wifi
  • 79 percent of businesses say it keeps customers happy while they wait for service
  • 64 percent of respondents have chosen a restaurant based on free Wifi availability

With an on-the-go society having information on demand is a high priority. Offering free WiFi has become a norm in recent years due to these societal changes. Businesses can appeal to more types of customers and ease what appears to be long wait times.

Many businesses are already equipped with high-speed Internet and some even have WiFi already for business needs. What does this mean for you and your clients? It means that you have a possible untapped source for marketing trends and truly learning/engaging guests.

Why WiFi Marketing?

While you can create a separate guest network with its own password, think about how you will prevent squatters and get a return on offering the services. Utilizing a WiFi Marketing platform like Gazella for your clients not only creates an easy plug and play system but the data available us a digital marketers dream!

White Label Wifi Marketing allows businesses to offer free WiFi to guests/customers in turn for an email address, phone number or they can login with their social media account. Once they have logged into the system the Access Points are able to track how often that particular device visits, how long they stay, and when they visit. Not only are you learning about the guests that visit the location but you can also target offers, news, and other information when and where it matters most, like when they arrive to the business. Just think of the possibilities!

Gazella Sensors increase the information obtained by analyzing the number of devices in the area. Imagine being able to tell your client what busy time were and to help the project future trends. Gone are the days of the door counters.

As a White Label partner with Gazella, you are able to offer an often needed service to your clients and making your job a tad easier. Plus, earning some recurring revenue to your digital marketing agency isn’t to bad either. 



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