White Label Wifi Marketing—The Digital Marketing of the Future

Posted by Eric Burns on Jun 4, 2017 11:43:52 AM
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White Label Wi-Fi Marketing—The Digital Marketing of the Future

As a digital marketing agency it is extremely important to keep up with the changing tide of digital media. The best way for you to maintain your customer base and gain new customers is by offering as many services required as you can. Wi-fi marketing is the next generation of digital marketing tools, and should be part of your companies offerings. 

What It Is

WiFi Marketing is a fairly new tool for businesses that offer free Wi-Fi to their guests. This might include restaurants, gyms, libraries, book stores, coffee shops, hotels and more.

It puts promotional messages and information at the fingertips of those using the internet in these locations.

When a guest logs into the free Wi-Fi connection, promotional messages about the location pop up on their screen. It might include discounts, add-ons, specials or simply an overview of the location. 

These messages are used to drive sales and bring customers back again and again. They are also used to interact with customers in a new way, such as by offering the ability to complete a survey.

Once the messages have been delivered, the customer is free to use the Wi-Fi connection in any way they like. 

They still get all of the benefits of the service just as before. The only difference is that they first must view the marketing messages and/or provide contact information for marketing purposes.

Gaining Popularity

Offering free Wi-Fi has become the norm in today’s society. In fact, most restaurants and hotels do not even advertise that they have free Wi-Fi anymore, because it is and expected part of the experience. 

It is fairly inexpensive to offer the service to customers, so it is well worth the expense to most businesses. However, what if these businesses could make more money by offering this free service?

As word about Wi-Fi marketing spreads, the service is going to gain popularity quickly. Every business wants to stretch their dollars as far as they can, and get the most out of the services they provide. 

While this level of marketing is fairly new, it won’t be long before businesses across the country are demanding this service from digital marketing agencies. Find out how to start your own wifi marketing business with White Label Wifi.

Who Offers It

At the moment their are a handful of primary providers of Wi-Fi marketing. However when it comes to reliability, and features there are few that compete. As a digital marketing agency you will also want to be sure the company offers a full white label wifi marketing solution

Companies such as Gazella Wifi, specialize in the wifi tool iteself, and do not offer any other services to their customers such as creating unique and engaging content, coupons, or copy for the businesses.

However, you can change all of that. As a digital marketing agency, you can add this service to your repertoire and gain the edge over other agencies and stand-alone companies. 

You could offer the service as a part of bundle packages to your customers. Giving your customers more options for their marketing efforts would definitely put you ahead of the game.

White Label Wifi Marketing is even available to allow you to sell wifi marketing as an add on of your digital marketing agency. With white label your customers will believe it is your software as the wifi marketing solution has your domain, your logo, and your own terms!

Advanced Digital Marketing Agency

Transform your digital marketing agency into a company that offers complete solutions for your customers. 

Businesses like simplicity, and if they can get all of their digital marketing services from one place, they will do it. If you don’t offer Wi-Fi marketing, they will go to another company for those services.

In addition, as the trend grows, you could find yourself left in the dust by other agencies who do jump on the bandwagon. It is always best to join these trends as early as possible to avoid competition.

If you act soon, you could be one of the first agencies to employ this type of marketing. It will give you a unique and competitive edge.

Getting Started

Reach out to your current customers with brick and mortar businesses and pitch them on the idea. When they jump on board, you can get started quickly, (in minutes with white label wifi) by teaming up with Gazella Wifi-Marketing to offers this service. Digital Marketing agencies and Gazella are a great partnership as we are not in direct competition with you, so you will be able to develop a partnership that allows you to include the service in your offerings without the expense of developing a system yourself. 

Have a handful of your digital marketing agencies clients interested in wifi marketing? You can purchase in bulk at a discount and then offer them to your customers at an enormous profit. Generating recurring revenue and a one stop shop for your clients digital marketing needs.

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