Uncover the Possibilities with Sensors

Posted by Samantha Gunn on Sep 26, 2018 4:03:00 PM
Samantha Gunn

Imagine being a business owner trying to staff for the day or gauge whether it’s worth adding more headcount, maybe it seemed like it was a busy day but your traditional traffic tracker doesn’t agree. These are all scenarios that businesses face day after day. One would think that in the age of technology that solutions would be readily available, they are if you know where to find them.

That’s why the team at Gazella WiFi Marketing is excited to announce our new Sensors which serve as an add-on to Gazella Access Points. Imagine being able to tell how many devices (people) were in the vicinity for the busiest day that business had seen in a while or track peak time trends without asking anything from guests, they only have to walk in the door.


The Sensors are a game changer to the already robust data the Gazella powered Access Points (AP) obtain. While the APs require a user login to the WiFi before information is obtained, Sensors read the MAC Address that is assigned to the device which can track how often that device comes through the area. The only requirement is that they have their WiFi setting turned on, which most people do so they can find free (reliable) WiFi.

If you’re a current Gazella White Label Partner you can login to your Partners Portal to order Sensors for your clients.

Not a White Label Partner? Schedule a demo with us today to find out all the possibilities WiFi Marketing can bring to your Digital Marketing Agency.

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