Uncover the Possibilities with Sensors

Imagine being a business owner trying to staff for the day or gauge whether it’s worth adding more headcount, maybe it seemed like it was a busy day but your traditional traffic tracker doesn’t[...]

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Why Free WiFi?

According to the LA Times (data from consulting firm the Yankee Group)

  • 96 percent of respondents prefer businesses that offer free Wifi
  • 79 percent of businesses say it keeps[...]
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5 Things You Didn't Know Your WiFi Could Do

Just like the restrooms at highway gas stations are, the prized code for the WiFi at many local businesses are designated for PAYING CUSTOMERS ONLY. Yes, sometimes the barista at your local coffee[...]

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Grow Your Online Order Segment with WiFi Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

Business is booming thanks to the inception of the internet 25 years ago. The world has become faster, communication has become quicker, and best of all: companies big and small have experienced[...]

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Free Wifi Marketing Software?

From time to time, we get the question about a Free Trial, Free Version, or Free Sample. Unfortunately at Gazella we can't offer our service as a Free Wifi Marketing Software.

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Wifi Marketing Software and HR?


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Gazella Wifi Marketing develops Aweber Integration

OMAHA, NE — Gazella Wifi-Marketing has announced their integration with AWeber. This integration will be of benefit to the 100,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs who use AWeber’s email[...]

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Gazella Wifi Marketing Now on GitHub


When we started building Gazella Wifi Marketing, one of our commitments was that we'd always provide a full API for our customers. We've all experienced the alternative - a platform that[...]

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4 Benefits of Attending Digital Marketing Conferences

Thinking of attending a digital marketing conference in the near future? We love digital marketing conferences. Here's why.  

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[Digital Marketers Guide] to Host Profitable Fantasy Football Parties for your Sports Bar Clients!

Digital Marketers - Are your sports bar clients ready for the NFL season kickoff on September 7th? Draft parties are already being booked, and will ramp up throughout the month of August.[...] Read More