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Posted by Eric Burns on Aug 28, 2017 6:01:10 PM
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When we started building Gazella Wifi Marketing, one of our commitments was that we'd always provide a full API for our customers. We've all experienced the alternative - a platform that doesn't integrate with the tools you need or doesn't work the way you want, and you have no way to solve the problem when the vendor tells you that they can't, or won't, build in the features you need.

As part of this commitment, we've started a public GitHub Page for tools we're building to integrate with the Gazella Wifi Marketing Software API. Our first release is the Single Sign-on for Gazella Wifi Partners & Resellers (Most closely associated with our white label wifi marketing platform) a tool to make it easier for you to connect your current software solution to Gazella.

If you're not a developer, you might be thinking - how does this help me? We truly believe that this commitment to openness and is important to all our customers, regardless of your personal coding abilities. The fact that we provide a fully documented, modern API means you can always find someone to extend Gazella to meet your needs.

The SSO tool in our repository is just the first step. As we build more features into Gazella, we'll continue to build on this tool, and we have a lot more coming in the future.

It's been great seeing all the things people have already been building with the Gazella API - if you've got something you'd be willing to share, we'd love to see it. Stay tuned for more details, and keep an eye on our GitHub- there's more on the way.

You can also view our General API docs.

What you can do with the SSO Tool?

If you have a Partner or Reseller account with - this will allow to be able to automatically login as one of your users in one click. (Typically this is done with our white label wifi marketing platform). This means all you need is one of your sub users IDs and you do not need their username and or password anymore to simply access their account. Use this for implementation into your own system to eliminate the hassle of your users having multiple logins.

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