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Posted by Eric Burns on Nov 18, 2017 2:02:00 AM
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From time to time, we get the question about a Free Trial, Free Version, or Free Sample. Unfortunately at Gazella we can't offer our service as a Free Wifi Marketing Software.


 Why isn't Wifi Marketing Free Software?

Don't get us wrong we do love Free, actually most all accounts have free shipping, free and unlimited support, we even provide you with wifi marketing hardware FREE of charge. (with the purchase of our services of course)

Don't let our small monthly fee discourage you though. We have found we are one of the lowest priced social wifi marketing solutions in the industry.

Need to try wifi marketing software out before you commit? We don't blame you. Social Wifi Marketing is a new marketing strategy for many. In fact that's exactly why we offer a 30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

That's right at Gazella our already super low prices comes with a no risk money back guarantee. So whether you are looking to use wifi marketing to collect wifi customer data, a restaurant newsletter, or add to your digital marketing agencies product line. You get a no risk money back guarantee.

What about long term contracts? ......Nope, not unless you want one.

So in the case of Gazella Wifi Marketing. The age old saying of "Nothing in life is ever free", we'll we couldn't make our wifi marketing software free. But we wanted to lower the barriers to entry and get our social wifi marketing in your hands so you can test, analyze, and see for your self all the great value wifi marketing brings.

You will quickly realize just why there is no such thing as a truly free wifi marketing software, and while Gazella's low fees (Nope, not even an initiation fee) are some of the lowest in the wifi marketing industries.

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