Wifi Marketing Software and HR?

Posted by Eric Burns on Nov 8, 2017 7:11:25 PM
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A unique example of how one digital marketing agency saved a small restaurant chain thousands of dollars in HR costs.

Job boards, recruiters, or printing signage with "NOW HIRING" get expensive, and end up costing small businesses year in and year out. That's when one of our partners made an exciting discovery. Instead of only using thewhite label wifi marketing software for marketing purposes, they began using their email and text message lists to ask their best customers for referrals of people they thought would make an excellent candidate to work for their client's restaurant.

Job Boards: $100/month

Recruiters: YIKES (crazy expensive)

Printing Signage: $500-$1000

Adding HR Promotions to your WiFi marketing efforts: NO ADDITIONAL COSTS

Hiring the best and most talented people to grow your business is not a simple task. In fact, most business owners will tell you that this is the most challenging part of any business. The potential to succeed in business is directly linked to the quality of staff you hire.

Hiring the wrong employees puts businesses at the risk of damaging customer relationships and also wastes time and money in the process. No business can afford these risks.

With your white label wifi marketing solution you can provide even more value to your clients by bringing them not only paying customers to their business, but top notch and highly sought after staff.

Email marketing can be your unsung hero as well as your best friend when it comes to hiring the best staff. It is highly trackable, easy, fast and it has the ability to reach many people in a short time.

As digital marketing agencies fight to win businesses over, it is important to look at the pain points these businesses have. Recruiting and HR tasks are a pain point for many small business owners. Stand out in your next proposal, by not only bringing customers to your clients, but solving difficult HR problems as well.


Helpful Tips To Consider When Designing Recruitment Emails

1. Your Templates Should Be Audience-Specific

It is important to create the template not only highlighting your clients business, but the exciting opportunities that working for the business may be. If there are perks of the job worth sharing here is the time to sell yourself!

2. Call People To Action

A call to action in your message works well since it encourages a clear action and gets straight to the point. Encourage your audience to “Apply Now” by emailing their resume. It is also a good idea to provide a link within the email that allows people to apply online or to directly email you.

3. Share Widely

Combining the power of social media and email is a powerful asset that any business can use to succeed. Your recruitment email can be shared across several social media platforms so that more people can know that you are hiring. It is also a good idea to encourage your colleagues and employees to share the recruitment email with their followers and friends.

4. Keep It Personal

The truth is that most business people do not have time to send personal emails to everyone on the contact list but you can make it look like you do. The email should sound personal even if it is not. Try to include unique details.

5. Ensure That The Message Is Compelling

A recruitment email should be sweet, short and straight to the point. This means that you need to choose your words carefully and format them wisely. Most people do not read emails carefully but instead scan them which means that you have to write in a way that helps candidates get the message quickly.

To get potential and talented candidates to read and respond to a recruiting email does not require you to be an email marketing guru. You only need to follow these tips and get better response rates.

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