[Digital Marketers Guide] to Host Profitable Fantasy Football Parties for your Sports Bar Clients!

Posted by Eric Burns on Jul 6, 2017 7:30:10 PM
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fantasy football.jpgDigital Marketers - Are your sports bar clients ready for the NFL season kickoff on September 7th? Draft parties are already being booked, and will ramp up throughout the month of August.  According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, there are nearly 57.4 million people playing fantasy sports in the U.S. and Canada. These fans flock to bars and restaurants alike to hold their draft days, which take more than a few hours. Eat, drink, and draft is the name of the game, thus revealing a hidden marketing opportunity. Many restaurants will hire restaurant marketing services to host these parties, but with these five tips you will be well on your way having a successful draft party that keeps bringing in profits all year round.

Five steps for hosting successful draft parties:

1.) Advertise the space for fantasy football draft parties.

Many draft parties will have 10+ people attending their events. Booking a space for 10 can be difficult in mid august. Competing with weddings and other late summer activities. Letting draft goers know you have the space and are ready for them this football season will put you on the top of list of potential draft party locations. Use your restaurant's email marketing, targeted Facebook advertising, and even LinkedIn ads to generate interest.

2.) Offer Free Wifi (use wifi proximity marketing)

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 Fans crave free wifi, and often necessary to hold a proper draft party often party planners make decisions based on that premise. Entice consumers to hold draft days at your establishment by advertising free wifi. Further more let them know you  have reliable wifi. Having a poor wifi signal is every draft goers worst enemy. As remote fantasy teams are often using skype to participate in the draft when they can't make it to the physical location.  Using Gazella Wifi Marketing or our white label wifi marketing solution you can turn your sports bar clients wifi into a profitable marketing tool.

3.) Offer a party menu

Suggest the sports bar offers a party menue for these draft parties. With groups of 10 or more. It can be difficult to keep every members tabs separate. Restaurant marketing services suggest offering a party menu, in which guests can mix and match appetizers. Typically these party menu items can be your most profitable items.

4.) Suggest off peak nights.

Fantasy football drafts can be held any day of the week. Your clients will love you for bringing in customers on slow nights. Offer guests specials or "Free" party room access when they book on an off peak night. A group of 10+ football drinking men on a Tuesday night can bring a significant boost in profits.

5.) Keep the guests coming back all season.

Encourage your fantasy football draft guests to keep coming back all season. Be sure to communicate your regular season football specials, if your restaurant client has a special football television package highlight it! Find out guests favorites teams and send them relevant information when their team plays throughout the season.

Gazella Wifi will turn your existing guest wifi into an automated marketing tool. Using the wifi marketing tool often referred to as social wifi. When customers come into your restaurant or bar for the draft party and login to the wifi you will gather their contact information. Gazella WiFi will build your restaurant’s email marketing database with ease. Connect easily with guests through automated restaurant email marketing messages that keep them coming back. The fantasy industry has continued to grow through companies such as DraftKings and FanDuel, so why not provide a fantasy paradise for sports fans of all interests to watch the game?

In the competitive world of digital marketing. Don't let the powerful combination of wifi marketing and the draw of fantasy football draft parties go to waste!

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