What is Social Wifi?


What is Social Wifi?

The idea of Social Wifi refers to the wifi hot spots where visitors can login using their social media account in order to gain access to your Internet service for free. It is much easier than clicking an agreement checkbox or asking staff for the password, if setup right, much more effective than a click-through static page. Let's consider that Social Wifi at its basic level is a method for making wifi free that benefits a restaurant with marketing data and opportunities.

The technology is simple to set up using a special router provided by third-party companies, or a re-configuration of your existing router. Ultimately, though, Social Wifi may be defined as the interaction between restaurants and their visitors using targeted, proximity and conditional messages. It is a tool for building loyalty and maintaining interest during a restaurant's non-peak times.

Social wifi enables customers to access the Internet while waiting in line, for their order, or for initiating social discussion among their peers. However, it should not be used just to gain a "like" on your Facebook page. That is a dead-end mentality and a one-time interaction. Social Wifi must be engagement-driven marketing that provides value and entertainment to customers.

Imagine a business man eating lunch alone. He might pick up a game tablet at the bar and kill some time or get his mind off work by answering trivia questions. He may even feel like he's being social when competing with the woman across the bar. But, what if he could log in to a social wifi account that offers content, persuasive marketing, promotions, and recommended outside links.

Or, imagine a couple who regularly comes for dinner together. You already have their loyalty. They may even know some of the staff. But, you notice they rarely interact with each other. Maybe they need something to jar the funny bone, or make them feel like talking.

What if you had a condition set on your wifi router that repeat visitors get special persuasive and engaging messages that would initiate conversation and interaction with other guests, without leaving the table. Could you even make it two-way? A reactive system that talks back?

The answers to your questions can be found in the coming weeks' articles, as we explore the world of social wifi beyond just the generic definitionoften found online (and by our competitors!).

Social wifi should go beyond just logging into social media. It should create a social environment in a restaurant, encouraging engagement with waitresses and other patrons, especially during special events that provide peaks in business.

Innovative strategies for marketing are up to the restaurant to integrate into their social wifi marketing campaigns. Gazella Wifi wants to help you reach above simple promotional material and capture your audience in a fresh new way. 

If you haven't seen a demo of our program, then please visit our online form to contact us right away. And, stay tuned for great information that will drive you to make Social Wifi a movement, not must a technology.

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