Using Social Wifi To Reward Return Customers


How Social Wifi Can Be Used To Reward Return Customers

Using social wifito capture your customer’s online identities and hopefully connect on them on social sites is a great communication tool, but even better is how well it can generate repeat business. In order to do this, you need to have specific programs in place that reward customers for coming back. Not only that, customers need to be able to see these programs as something welcoming that you’ve built for them, not just as marketing tricks. The difference between these perceptions begins with you. As you consider and undertake the projects below, do so with an eye toward your particular customers. What shape should these programs take to resonate most with them?


Loyalty Programs


Loyalty and reward programs are classic tools that restaurants use to keep customers coming back, and for a good reason. It isn’t just the discounts or free appetizers that make a rewards program attractive to a customer, it’s the fact that they can see you appreciate them. Given that acquiring a new customer can be up to six times as expensive as retaining one you already have, your customers deserve this appreciation! The reward will depend on your establishment, of course, but the most successful loyalty programs have a few common features. Firstly, customers are more likely to come in for a tangible item than a discount. Being able to visualize their reward clearly is a compelling motivation to make the next trip. Additionally, if there is a way to tie personalization into the reward experience, it is always appreciated. Use social media to remind them when they’ve earned a reward, or are close to doing so. Invite them in, let them know you are happy to share this reward.


Utilize Customer Feedback


When you get a contact on social media through wifi, make sure that you follow back or leave a message on their page thanking them for their visit. If they provide any feedback on what they loved about their experience with you, or even what they think you could be doing better, take it to heart. For example, if a diner says they really loved the dessert they had, make sure to update them via social media when you add new desserts to the menu. Jot down a note to mention them by name. If they didn’t love their duck entree, make a similar note to let them know when a new duck dish is on deck. Even if you love your menu, you will change it up every so often, and a simple gesture like this can make a customer feel very heard and cared for.

In many cases it is helpful not just to wait for feedback, but to actively solicit it. When considering a new drink special, why not ask your customers on social media which option they’d prefer? Anyone who votes in that poll will want to come in and try the winner, even if it wasn’t the one they chose. All of these suggestions share the common element of engagement, which is really at the heart of what social media does best.


Run Contests


restaurant-contest.pngOn a similar note, contests and competitions are fun ways to create engagement and make customers feel like they have a personal investment in your establishment. A sense of friendly competition is a great way to build your online social community and make them feel connected both to you and one another. A sense of humor goes a long way in crafting these promotions. You’ll want to tailor your contests to the particular site you’re using . On Twitter, try asking your followers for “six-word reviews,” with a free appetizer to the winner,  This takes advantage of the character limit in a fun way. Haikus work the same way. Of course, you get to choose the winner, which keeps the tone positive and light. On Facebook, you could run a “Funniest Menu Name Change” promotion or something similar. Anything that gets your customers engaging with you online is great because it means they’re going to keep their eyes peeled for your name online and in the real world.

This kind of promotion is especially easy to tie into seasonal promotions you may already be running. Costume contests at Halloween, guess-how-many-jellybeans at Easter, the ideas are really endless. Remember, the goal is to stay engaged, and whatever fun way you can do that is great.


Update Often and Early


Customers love to feel like they have an inside scoop at a place, to feel like a regular. Anything you can do to foster this feeling is going to draw them back in for a second and third visit. Use your social media connection to let them in on upcoming menu changes before you announce them on your website. Even better, when you hire new staff introduce them to your customers and provide a little information about them. Make sure to frame these updates in terms that convey a sense of inside knowledge to your followers.

You can also use the audience you have on social sites to take the temperature of specials and events you’re thinking of running. A poll or conversation online not only gives you a direct line into what your customers would prefer, it makes them feel like they have a stake in the outcome of it.

Even the everyday posts about what’s going on at the restaurant from time-to-time make them feel like part of the team and encourages them to come back and see what’s going on for themselves.


As you can see, not every reward has to have a monetary value. Much of what social media allows you to offer your customer doesn’t cost you anything but a little time, but the amount of repeat business you can reap from it is very high.


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