Top 5 Restaurant Marketing Strategies for Halloween

restaurant-halloween-drinks-wifi-marketing.jpgTop 5 Restaurant Promotions for Halloween

Seasonal promotions are a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and create positive impressions with customers that drive repeat business. When considering any promotion, you need to engage two drives in your customer: the desire for personal attention and their inherent need to be heard. Obviously, this needs to be done in fun and lighthearted ways that don’t feel like an interview. Below are 5 trend-driven restaurant marketing stratgies that capitalize on the season and engage your customer via wifi marketing.

twitter-poll-restaurant-marketing.pngEngagement Via Polls

One way to creatively engage customers is with the “poll” function on Twitter, or by asking them to use “likes” to vote on options you give. Not only does this encourage them to interact with your social media accounts, it creates a conversation for them to participate in. Statistics on social media strategy show us that the more time a user spends on a company’s page, the more likely they are to patronize that establishment. When a customer feels like a valued part of the community you’ve created on your social media, they’ll stick around.

Pumpkin Spice

Flavor trends and restaurant wifi marketing are a match made in heaven. Pumpkin spice is everywhere during the Halloween season, and even if your restaurant doesn’t offer that flavor, it’s a fun way to catch the zeitgeist and encourage engagement. When your customer logs into the wifi and lands on your twitter page, a poll about this meme can trigger participation and follows, which allows you to communicate future  promotions with that customer.

Costume Promotions

An easy and inexpensive restaurant marketing strategy to generate social media content is to encourage staff to come in to work in costume. During the run-up to Halloween, post photos on social media and encourage followers to vote for their favorites via Likes or Retweets. This not only connects them to your page while creating a fun atmosphere, it spreads your brand image further across the platform. Also, consider offering a discount for patrons who come in in costume if they take a photo and tag your restaurant in the post.

Candy Wars

Another trend every October is the Candy Corn Debate. For such a simple thing, you’d be surprised how much conversation it stirs! This is another place to encourage engagement via polls whether in your email marketing or social media. It’s not just candy corn either! Circus peanuts, butterscotch, black licorice: they all inspire lighthearted debate and can be a fun way to encourage customers to follow and interact.

Kids Promotions

Even though they aren’t spending the money, it’s important not to ignore that kids are an important factor for many diners in deciding where to go. With targeted email information gleaned from wifi marketing, parents can be enticed with kids’ specials, Halloween art contests, and costume competitions. Another popular draw is offering to collect extra post-trick-or-treat candy for donation. An email with a charitable subject line is more likely to get opened, and customers can feel good about participating.


This is just the tip of the Halloween iceberg! As you can see, creativity combined with the information gained from wifi marketing opens countless avenues to engaging your customers and providing them with a fun-driven experience guaranteed to generate return business. Take a look at the Gazella Wifi ( FREE demo to see how wifi marketing will allow you to reach your customers this October.


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