Top 5 Movies to Inspire Your Restaurant Marketing

We’ve all had the experience of going into the movies, and then leaving feeling like different people. Inspired by that motion picture per say.

Movies have the potential to inspire, and influence our decisions about life. Writers and directors that have the ability to motivate, inspire, and make the audience occasionally tear up a bit. Win awards, and box office hits.

Sometimes a movie could be the emotional trigger to the success we truly desire.

And in this article, we are sharing our list of  "5 movies you need to watch to inspire your restaurant marketing’"

1.) Cocktails: Motivation and Persistence


An American classic. Cocktails is a romantic comedy about the story of Brian Flannagan and his dream to open his own bar. With a epic amount of hard work and determination Brian Flannagan (Tom Cruise's character) sure enough creates his dream of opening his bar. Along the way you will see the different venues and "gimmicks" that are used to attract and entertain the bar patrons.

2.) Chef - Creativity


The story of how a former restaurant chef opens up his own foodtruck. The main character "Carl Casper" is always creative when it comes to his business. From revamping a NASTY old truck to look brand new, and hiring friends and family to get the work done. Carl inspires creativity to build a food truck that attracts customers.

The movie Chef also talks a great deal on Social Media in the restaurant industry. If Social Media is your thing, check out our Restaurant Social Media Blog Post.

3.) Burnt - Focus


Adam Jones played by Bradley Cooper is the star of this restaurant comedy. The key thing to focus on in this movie is Focus. Running a restaurant can have a lot of ups and downs and plenty of shiny objects along the way. As a restaurant owner or marketer notice how the character Adam's obsession with drugs, gambling, and other negativity hurt his restaurant. He may have great food, but if your not focused on what's important disasters can strike.

4.) Waiting - Communication


Ryan Reynolds plays Monty in this restaurant comedy. One of the most popular scenes in the movie shows restaurant management requiring employees to wear "Flare". While a seemingly odd marketing gimmick, and embarrassing for these restaurant staff members. The "flare" was a key part of the marketing message sent out to the patrons of the movies "Shenanigans Restaurant". Watch the movie and identify what communication strategies management uses to communicate with this team of young employees.

5.) Today's Special - Passion



In this super-feel-good foodie comedy, young Manhattan chef Samir rediscovers his heritage and his passion for life through the enchanting art of cooking Indian food. When creating marketing for you restaurant. Be sure to add passion to your message, or your customers will see right through it. Watch Today's Special to find that passion.


As you make your way through these insiprational restaurant marketing movies. Be sure to check out how you can implement these new marketing ideas you dream up, with our automated marketing platform. 

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