The Modern Day Restaurant Comment Card

How to create a modern day restaurant comment card/survey combo.

Customer feedback is incredibly important in today's digital age. One bad review or comment going viral can make a significant impact on your restaurants bottom line. In a Harvard Business Review study it showed that an increase/decrease in just a one star review can impact a restaurant revenue by approximately 5%-9%.

So for a restaurant pulling in just 500k. You could be looking at a 45k loss based on a few bad reviews.

So how do you make the bad reviews go away? Either have phenomenal customer service, or increase the number of positive reviews to outweigh those negative reviews. 

While picture perfect customer service is likely the best answer, sometimes its just not possible. The saying "You Can't Make Everyone Happy" is true in the restaurant industry as well. You will always have that one customer that you cannot please. Whether they feel they are entitled to more, or just having a bad day and your restaurants customer service was unable to make the experience enjoyable. Having perfect customer service is ideal, but sometimes just not possible. So increasing positive reviews is what needs to happen.

Here are a couple ideas to increase positive customer reviews:

  • Reach out to your best customers and ask for a review.
  • Ask your friends/family to write positive reviews for you.
  • Email all your customers and ask a quick customer service related question.

The third is by far our favorite. This method acts as a customer service question and encourages positive reviews. Whether you are a restauranteur or a digital marketing utilizing the Gazella white label wifi marketing software. Customer service, positive reviews, and more customers are always a win/win. 

Here is how it works:

Ask just a few simple questions. More than a couple and the user gets bored.


1.) Send email to customer after their first visit.



2.) Redirect the customer based on their decision.


If they responded with a "Green Thumbs Up" the service was fantastic. Hooray!! Send them to a pre-populated Google review!!



This doesn't get much easier for the customer. They can brag about their fantastic visit to your restaurant with little to no effort.

On the other hand, what if that customers experiences was not so perfect. In the event that something at your restaurant wasn't perfect for that customer what happens when they select "the dreaded "Red Thumbs Down"?

3.) How can we do better? 

This is where your customer experience/service team comes into play. Opening a email template asking how the service could have been better.




This does two things. First and foremost keeps a potential bad review as far away as possible from the online rating system, and secondly gets that complaint to the person that needs to hear about it.

While you likely (and hopefully) wont get an inbox full of negative reviews everyday. This system of checks and balances is a great system to keep employees accountable. When employees know that customers have an easy way to reach out to management. Their behavior often magically changes as well.

This is just one of many examples of some amazing customer service/ marketing combos. To learn how to automate your restaurants marketing request a Gazella demo!