Social Media (Social Wifi) Logins to Drive Restaurant Repeat Business

restaurant-repeat-business-social-wifi.jpgUsing Social Media (Social Wifi) Logins To Drive Restaurant Repeat Business

In an increasingly social media-driven age, some customers will be more comfortable logging into wifi with a Twitter or Facebook account than with email. Don’t let this feel like a lost opportunity! Social media can be a treasure trove of valuable information about your customers. Here’s how to make the most of it.


How To Fine-Tune Facebook Ads

Any restaurant worth its salt is advertising on Facebook already. Once your clients have come in and followed you in order to log on to wifi, you can begin using the information Facebook provides to target your ads more effectively. Facebook allows you to target ads by specific demographics, from age to location to pages liked. Sorting your followers by these factors means you can send specific ads to users who will engage with them and be more likely respond. For instance, an ad reading, “Best Burgers In Cincinnati” isn’t going to be as effective as one sent to male users over 35 reading “More Beer Taps Than Anyone In Town.”

Use Promoted Tweets Effectively

Promoted tweets can be a powerful tool to reach your audience, but in order for them to get any attention they need to feel like an organic part of your customer’s timeline. Twitter offers analytics similar to Facebook’s, but because of the character limit you have less space to get your message across. Automatic following at login jumps this hurdle, because they’ll see your tweets automatically. Don’t stop there though! Looking at the “twitter community” of your new followers a few times a week will give you an idea of who to target for promoted tweets. These “friends-of-friends” are prime twitter real estate because they have a real-world connection to your business.

Time Posts For Maximum Impact

Social media makes it easy to see who followed you and when.If you see an uptick in social logins after a certain event or special, remind your followers when it’s coming up again. This is another prime time for promoted tweets and Facebook ads targeted at the secondary circle created by your followers’ friends. Because, hopefully, they’ve heard about you in the offline world, they’re much more likely to respond to a well-timed reminder. Use your common sense here, too. A happy hour post or tweet just before quitting time on Friday could be just what it takes to convince a customer to venture out.

Connect With Customers’ Special Days

One of the great benefits of capturing a Facebook login is that when you do, you also capture customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebratory events. Take advantage of this by sending an email or Facebook message a few days before their big day inviting them to celebrate with you. With Facebook analytics, it’s even possible to suggest group events based on common friends. When you post a well-wishing message to their wall, not only do you make them feel special, their friends and family see it too.

Tailor Promotions To Likes and Faves

Taking this to the next level, if you have someone on staff who is social media-savvy, you can learn even more about your customer by looking at pages they’ve liked and posts they’ve faved. This gives you a bigger picture of their taste, and allows you to build a demographic to cater promotions to. If a large group of your followers are interacting with “foodie” brands, maybe a tasting menu will go over well. If they’re following and engaging with breweries and the like, they’d probably like to hear about any new beers on tap. Parsing this information takes some legwork, but it can prove invaluable in building customer loyalty.


Social wifi marketing is something few are taking advantage of right now. So, jump on board before your competitors do! To see how social media and wifi marketing can work for your business, request a FREE Demo today.

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