Restaurant Email Marketing Strategy with Facebook and Wifi Marketing

As a restaurant marketing or owner, you likely have a few hundred, few thousand, or even tens of thousands of emails from your customers stored away in a nice well kept database. If your using Gazella, their stored in the access log in the cloud for access at anytime. You have your automated triggers set up in a nice cadence, and send a thoughtful and engaging restaurant newsletter each week to your customers.

While engagement is soaring and sales are up, you still have that sneaky suspicion that you can do more with your data. Every time you turn on your tv, or open a web browser for that matter you are hit with terms like "big data". With all the data you are collecting, what else can you do with it? You maybe ask yourself is there more to my restaurants email marketing strategy. 

Remember your high school business teacher that told you selling to your current customers was easier than getting new customers. We'll they weren't lying. In addition to sending out an email newsletter with your emails collected from your customers either via your POS system, Gazella Wifi, Sweepstakes, Birthday Clubs, or more? Let's re-purpose those highly valuable email address and create a sense of omnipresence with your customers. Adding to your restaurant's email marketing strategy.


Here is how you can begin sending HIGHLY targeted ads to your restaurant customers on Facebook in less than 5 minutes.



Follow along in our "how-to" video above, or go at your pace with instructions below. 

Step 1:

Export youremail/ contact info data from Gazella. The easiest way to do this is go to your Dashboard -> Access Log -> and select the export option. MS-Excel.


Step 2:

Copy the email data to your clipboard. "CTRL-C"




Log into your Facebook account and select Create Ad.

Create Ad-Facebook.png


Step 4:

Choose the "increase conversions on your website" option. Under the "Marketing Objective.

marketing objective-wifi-data.png



Choose Custom Audience..(note: the lookalike audience is another great feature, but we'll save that for another post.)

custom audience for wifi-marketing-on-facebook.png

Next, select customer file when prompted, then select choose a file or paste data.



custom audience for wifi-marketing-on-facebook-paste-data.png

Step 6:

Paste the data that we copied in step 2.


And you are all set. Follow the Facebook setup instructions to create your ad. You can create an ad to market just about anything at your restaurant. Our favorite restaurant email marketing strategy for Facebook ads promote value to the customer, without overly pushing an immediate sale. Here are a few ideas:

  • Advertisement for new menu items
  • Promote events
  • Charity events
  • Need additional staff? Hire an existing customer by promoting job openings
  • Specials (be careful not to be too pushy, or give too much away for free)
  • Catering
  • Delivery or other value added items for your customers.

In about a total of 5 minutes or less you can export your Gazella Wifi data, upload to Facebook and begin sending ads to your best customers. After you have created your first audience, get creative.

Use your wifi marketing data to create custom audiences for those that are your best customers (those coming in multiple times) or send ads to the customers you haven't seen in a while, by selecting customers from certain date ranges. Another clever advertising technique our customers have seen great results for is targeting audiences by gender. Sending Female related content to the females, and vis versa.

As mentioned, it is easier to sell to your current customers, but it is even easier to sell to your customers when you are sending them a message they can resonate well with.

If you are not already using Gazella Wifi check out a free demo, and 30 day free trial.



If your looking for more ideas to combine your wifi-marketing data with your Facebook marketing efforts check out this quick post on how to suggest your wifi-marketing guests to "Like" your restaurants Facebook Page!



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