Marketing Automation for the Small Business

atm-1567136_640.jpgAutomation is one of the most rapidly advancing technologies. Just a few years ago the closest an "average" person may get to developing some automation tools was through Excel "macros". The average person could create an macro that would automate a repetitive task for them with the Excel spreadsheet. Today while still powerful the Excel macro is outdated, and really only seen in a corporate, spreadsheet heavy environment.

Today's automation is much different, you can automatically start your car, a smart home will automatically adjust your thermostat, or a smart surveillance system will automatically alert the police when a break in occurs.

Automation can be seen in big business with lines of robots, or natural language processing of call centers, and more. But for the small business automation. Much of the "automatic" pieces consist in the areas such as payroll or inventory. There is little to nothing in marketing automation. (which we aim to solve).

Marketing is different though. Many in marketing are what most call "creative" types. And they rightfully should be as it takes the creative gene to grab our attention to listen and learn about your brand. With more advertisements surrounding us today than ever before, if your ad doesn't provide value, make someone laugh, or engage them in the slightest way, its doubtful you will receive a solid ROI on that advertisement. 

Small business owners are consistently trying to new marketing tactics, facebook ads one month, newspaper or billboard the next. Each time "recreating the wheel" with new copy, images, or slogans to attempt to bring more people through their door.

To allow these small business owners the ability to stop the nagging task of consistent new marketing we looked towards the advancements in automation.

If we look at big business and automation, the term automation and many of the platforms used can be boiled down to just a simple programming statement. The "If, Then" statement. Yes, a simple if, then statement is what automation is really about. In the automatic car starter example. If I push the button, Then start my car. or in the smart survellience system example. If alarm goes off, Call police station.

We took the If, Then statement and are now allowing small businesses, primarily restaurants to automate their workflow of marketing advertisements. Creating one marketing playbook that works for all customers, year round for many years to come. No longer recreating new fresh material, because your material will remain fresh forever as you are reaching out to your prospective customers at the right time. Think one to one marketing rather than one to many. The difference is our one to one marketing is scalable.

Traditionally One to One marketing was best, but could not be automated, and was time consuming. In todays environment, we can market to customers one to one in a very intimate manor without the need for time consuming personable time, but rather an automated, easy to use solution.

The Gazella platforms uses IF, THEN statements forwifi logins, but in theory you could use If, Then solutions for any type of marketing your company chooses.

Here are our favorite examples:

  • If customer comes in, THEN send them a customer service questionnaire.
  • If customer comes in 10 times, THEN  send them Thank You
  • If customer comes in, THEN  in 4 days suggest they "Like" your businesses Facebook
  • If customer comes in 3 Times, THEN  suggest they "follow" your business on Twitter, send you a tweet, or take a picture at your business.
  • If customer comes in for 15th time, THEN add them to your E-Newsletter.
  • If customer comes in, THEN  send them text message.
  • If customer comes in, THEN  Ask for a Google Review.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to email marketing and marketing automation. With Gazella all of the above can be created in less than an hour, and set for life. Imagine only creating that one marketing message that will be unique for that customer as your marketing cadence progresses. While a billboard they drive by may get old, your fresh content will be unique for that customer whether they come into your restaurant for the first time today or a year from now.wifi-marketing-automation-triggers.png

If automating your small business marketing through the use of wifi sounds interesting to you. Click here for demo.

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