Launching a new Restaurant Marketing Strategy?

How to incorporate our staff to launch a flawless restaurant promotion and start bringing in more customers.


From staffing, social media, wifi marketing software, and incentives this quick guide will have your newest restaurant marketing strategy go off without a hitch.

restaurant-marketing-strategy.jpgMany restaurant owners find that incorporating workers into the launch of a new promotion can make a difference in its success. When waitstaff from chefs to the greeter feel ownership in a promotion, they often take pride in its success. This pride leads to an increased effort in ensuring a successful launch.

Use this as a guide when launching your new restaurant promotion or restaurant marketing strategy.

1.) Assign Duties

Certain positions in your restaurant lend themselves to marketing opportunities more than others. For example, your host or greeter often has the first contact with customers and can inform guest of the new promotion. When answering the phone, to take take out orders or reservations. Those hosts and waitstaff should ask callers if they could tell them about the new promotion. Another overlooked area of promotion is in your accounting department. Vendors can also be great customers include fliers or notes about the new promotion when sending out payments and if you have a delivery service your team can hand out information flyers to customers upon delivery.

2.) Social Media

Ask your staff to make posts about your new restaurant promotion on their social media pages and accounts. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram is where viral marketing begins. By allowing your employees to post pictures, video and information about your new product, you have the potential to inform people about it without extra cost to you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow suit and post on your business and social media pages!

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3.) Wifi Marketing Software

If you are using wifi marketing software such as Gazella, you can update your splash pages, create restaurant email marketing cadences, and even create landing pages for your customers to see when logging onto the wifi. This is likely going to be one of your easiest and most impactful steps as wifi marketing software is a non disruptive technology that is almost natural for the customer, and requires very little work with one time set up for you.

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3.) Offer Incentives

Offering incentives to employees based on their involvement with a new promotion can get more employees involved in the launch. Offer a prize to those who develop an innovative marketing strategy or make the most sales. Incentives can range from cash bonuses to paid time to a pizza party, if you are rewarding an entire staff.

4.) Employee Input

Although encouraging employee involvement at the launch of a promotion is imperative to its success, it is also important to involve your workers early in its development. Appreciating their input can lead to more employee involvement and happier workers. All employee need to feel essential to your restaurant, and considering their suggestions can help them feel proud of the experiences they provide.

5.) Gather Feedback

Allow your employees to tell you how the promotion is going and gather feedback on how its working.. Allowing your employees to see the input from others can spur further discussions about the promotions use and ways to improve its marketing.

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