Instagram Marketing for Restaurants

Instagram Marketing for Restaurants

Don't just take pictures, generate revenue with Instagram

Instagram-email-1.pngRestaurant Marketing Services tell us Instagram offers unlimited possibilities to express 100% your own creativity, and in fact the "unconventional" campaigns have always enjoyed great success among the public. Examples such as restaurant Comodo in New York, were able to achieve high levels of involvement by not spending a penny. The idea of the restaurant was to create the menu using photos taken by users within the local area. Adding the simple hashtag #ComodoMenu the paper menu, the restaurant has prompted customers to take pictures, post them on Instagram and share with others, reaching high levels of engagement. Now you can sit at the restaurant, choose your dish to Instagram, showing it to the waiter and eat. In this case, Comodo is able to get more clients, to become known through social and generate viral content through users, all at no cost.

Another example was the Chupa Chups campaign on Halloween 2014, when the famous brand of sweets has created a real treasure hunt on his profile Instagram using hashtag and tag to let users navigate from one place to ' another of the "house" looking for mascot "Lolli". Even in this case, it took a simple idea to create high engagement and make the company unique and enjoyable experience level of involvement.

The management of advertising and the relationship with Facebook

Advertising on Instagram is created and runs through Facebook Ads. Accordingly, the creative process is very similar for the two social networks, which become increasingly complementary. For an ad campaign on Instagram, in fact, they can be used the pictures or videos have already been used in previous campaigns on Facebook. 

Although the ability to target a specific audience on Instagram are much more limited than Facebook (where you can specify categories, behaviors, interests, as well as demographic and geographic information of the public), the fact that the two social somehow "work together" It makes more efficient the achievement of consumers. Through Facebook Ads, in fact, when you create a campaign you can decide that this starts also on Instagram. In this way, the platforms optimize the reception of advertisements combining between them the public of the two company. This will provide better performance compared to having separate campaigns in the newsfeed of Facebook and Instagram regarding website click, website conversions, video displays or installing apps (depending on the call to action established).

Paid Ads aren't cheap, heres how you can take your existing email list and double down on instagram. 

In conclusion

Instagram is in effect a platform that offers many possibilities in terms of advertising, for all the organizations, from big brands to SMEs. We advise all our customers and all business owners to consider Instagram inside a web marketing plan media and multi-channel cross, especially if your business is associated with areas such as design, fashion, food, travel benefit from the natural appearance of Instagram , a company powered exclusively by visual content.

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