Restaurant Marketing Ideas Using Wifi Marketing


It may not always be clear that wifi marketing increases sales in a restaurant. The first thing you should wonder is “how do you measure it?” We can give you the tools to drive metrics that provide insight into how well your wifi marketing program is going. But, measuring actual sales will take the effort of establishing a baseline in your accounting and strategic areas in order to assess an increase. These strategic points would be related to targeted actions that you complete using your new wifi marketing tool, such as the average number of customers on any given day.

ACTION ITEM >> Start a spreadsheet with key accounting figures and current metrics for areas you’d like to improve. Keep track of your progress before and after wifi marketing begins.

To better facilitate your growth and success, we outline some ways wifi restaurant marketing can increase sales, customer retention and online reputation.

Customer Activities Become Trackable

Wifi marketing programs, such as Gazella Wifi ( increases insight into customer activities exponentially. It not only tracks their visits to the restaurant, but interesting demographics as well. More importantly, it creates a vacuum within which to design key marketing messages that will do more than just promote, but persuade customers to return again and again.

Location Becomes A Tool For Outreach

Location-based push marketing or "proximity marketing" is viable using wifi by creating interactions with people based on whether they are passing by the restaurant, are in the restaurant, or are accessing your wifi in the surrounding area. By targeting previous customers based on their proximity or location to your restaurant, you can tailor messages that are current and valuable considering the activities they are participating in at the moment.

ACTION ITEM >> Write 3 location-based messages that you’d like to automatically send out to those in your wifi area.

Social Profiles Provide Opportunity

Having access to a customer’s social profile can become a valuable tool for reaching out personally to thank them for visiting, inviting them to a special event, or even interacting with their personal posts. The latter is a new technique that many businesses have avoided for fear of invading personal space. But, Facebook, for example, is an excellent place to visit your customers’ social profiles and perhaps congratulate them on a new job. Such communications can be predicated by a promotional outreach that truly rewards them for having simply joined your online community. It also draws them back to your profile and creates a feeling of loyalty.

TIP >> Make sure your Splash page login triggers a welcome text or email with current special or events.

Automated Communication Frees Up Time

Instead of drafting emails every week to send to customers, why not create a time-based campaign ahead of time that delivers email on an automated basis. Of course, special event emails can be scheduled as needed to blast to all your list recipients, as well. Time-based emails can either be by date or by order of sign-up, meaning they get 1 pre-determined email a week in a particular pre-written order upon signing up for your list.

Then, of course, there are the condition-based email and SMS communications that are possible to create on an automated basis. An example would be dropping a promotion or greeting in a text message when a customer passes through your wifi territory. Ultimately, putting your email campaign on auto-drive will free up time to complete more customer service tasks that keep the business running on a daily basis.

TIP >> If you can’t afford a full-time Marketing Manager, search for a freelance content writer on Google and hire him/her to create an email campaign, then schedule it in your Gazella dashboard or in a free email app like MailChip.

Creating A Reward System For Customers Builds Loyalty

Customers love to be noticed and remembered when entering a restaurant. Many enjoy the feeling of social outreach and camaraderie this creates between you both. The spirit of your restaurant should be one of community, and that should be reflected online as well. While social media is a great way to reach out online, consider combining that with a condition-based email or SMS that pops up the next time they enter your restaurant. The key to building loyalty is rewarding your customers for being repeat patrons through coupons, recognition, gifts or special accommodations.

TIP >> Place a sign in your restaurant welcoming customers to join you online and strategically tie the language to your automated messaging.

Reaching Out To At-Risk Customers Before They Disengage

It’s important to keep a close eye on your data. When choosing between plenty of restaurant marketing ideas out there consider a customer who used to frequent your establishment but has not been in lately. Taking the time to create a conditional email in your wifi marketing system that targets those that fit this profile will enhance retention efforts. These customers are at-risk for choosing another venue for their patronage. It’s your marketing efforts that will bring them back, find out what has changed their habit, and reestablish that relationship.

Building A Foundation With Present Engagement

Simply signing your customers up for a time-based email campaign is not enough to keep customers from tuning you out. The integration of hardware such as provided by Gazella Wifi ( allows you to create messages that appeal to customers as they are eating. Even without geo-targeting, simply a message that says “Thank you for dining with us today!” can be a mood changer for any patron. It may even spark some friendly conversation with the waitstaff that impacts their work for the better.

Avoid Making Customers Download An App

The great advantage to Gazella Wifi ( is that our hardware is practically plug and play with your existing wifi router. There is no App to download that ultimately customers forget about. By utilizing our hardware, you can become an active listener of your customers’ likes and dislikes using the present engagement we just spoke of. Our technology offers instant interactions, rather than customer-driven possibilities.

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