How Wifi For Restaurants Can Generate Profits


Wifi for Restaurants is Profit Generator, not Expense. 

Restaurants that engage in online marketing are now reaping the benefits of their existing wifi technology by using it to engage customers each time they visit. Wifi marketing, as it is called, relies on both the hardware and the software to capture customer data and deliver targeted messaging that drives repeat business. Without wifi marketing, a restaurant is likely to be stuck with outdated, and quickly dying means for building loyalty in the customer base.

Get Customers To Opt In

The first, and easiest, step in engaging with diners is to encourage their use of your free wifi service. This requires an active approach on the part of the restaurant to either advertise or mention that it is available. Once a customer taps into your wifi, proper equipment will ensure that they are prompted to provide both an email address and the corresponding social media account in order to gain access. This means you have gained an opt in from them to send targeted messages that persuade and promote future visits to your restaurant.

Lead Them To Social Media

The next step in ensuring your wifi marketing strategy is effective requires a redirect and request for customers to like your restaurant social media page. Whether using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another account, taking this step will ensure at least one avenue of communicating with customers again is secure. While you can lead them to a page, you can’t force them to like it, so it is best to glitter the request with an offer. The offer can be a discount or a free item upon next visit, promises of event invitations, and even quality content like recipes.

Set Up An Email Promotions Campaign

Now that you have the opt in from a customer and their email address, it is worth your time to sit down and really look into writing a targeted campaign of emails. The key to getting an email read is to understand your audience’s needs and wants that either frustrate or motivate them to act. Every email needs a “call to action” or wording that pushes someone to interact with your social media, blog, or promotions. Email campaigns should also be sensitive to the stage of a customer’s interactions, such as repeat customers, old customers, and new customers. Segmenting your audience and creating messages that feed them at their level is critical to a successful email campaign.

Build Interaction With Social Media

Your social media account is a huge part of your identity or brand as a restaurant. Choosing the right platform for your restaurant’s personality is key to successfully engaging with customers. Social media should be used to do more than just post pictures or promotions. It can be a haven for capturing events, sending invitations, responding to feedback, and providing access to great content.

Create Event-Based Text Messaging

One way to go beyond just social media and email is to invest in the technology that allows for text messages to be sent based on specific events that happen within your wifi range. It can also be based on certain events, such as clicking on links in emails. Most importantly, taking the time to identify such events as passing in front of the restaurant or entering as a repeat customer, will direct the types of messages you need to prepare. Don’t lose focus on the need to not only interact one-way, but also in engaging your staff to interact based on your wifi marketing too.

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