How to Take Mouthwatering Photos for your Restaurant Email Marketing


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When it comes to restaurant email marketing one of the most popular topics sent out to customers is "Menu Items". Marketing messages touting a restaurants new menu, a Friday food special, or limited time/seasonal menu item are some of the most engaging and most read emails sent out to restaurant customer databases.

Whether you are using Gazella Wifi-Marketing automated email marketing triggers or posting to social media. When creating marketing content about your restaurant's menu items, you really need some mouth watering photos to accompany the menu item you are describing. Receiving a restaurant marketing email without a picture of the delicious Burger or Steak you are describing would just be odd.

Stock photos work, but they just aren't the same. If your restaurant is known for serving your dishes on a beautiful platter with french fries and more. Its going to be odd when that customer sees a stock photo of another restaurants sandwich.

Hire a professional food photographer? Well that's probably the best solution, but sometimes not ideal. Scheduling a time for the photographer to take photos can be cumbersome, and sometimes not possible. If you are racing to meet a deadline, good luck finding a solid photographer in time.

The solution? If you can't hire a food photographer for your restaurants email marketing strategy. Don't worry, in just minutes you yourself can create beautiful food photos for your restaurants blog, Facebook, Instagram, email marketing or whatever social channels you use. With an app called "Foodie".



Foodie has filters created just for the type of food you are looking for. Taking a photo of meat at a BBQ restaurant? There's a filter for that. Need to make that ice cream cone pop? There's a filter for that too. 

How it works:

The very app that pops into your mind when you're faced with food.

Select a filter that suits your style for very special food pics.

You can spice up your shots with the app's professional editing features to make pictures that will catch everyone's attention.

• Over 26 filters customized for taking food photos

• Amazing photo editing features that transform simple food photos into one-of-a-kind masterpieces

• Camera shot angle based auto blurring effect

• Smart guide feature that helps you photograph food from directly above it

• Share photos to social networks

The app appears to be going through consistent updates, and has some mixed reviews. While there are a few bugs in our opinion, for a free app, Foodie works wonders.

Customer Reviews

by BarrambilaThis is my favorite camera app for all my photos, not just food. Amazing filters, colors and ease of use! The only improvement this app really needs asap is that the Focal Blur function automatically sets an area ONLY at the center of the image. This is very limited. There needs to be a pinch & zoom function to allow choosing the size and location of the blur, and the location on the frame. This actually is already available when editing a photo after it's taken, within the app. But it's not available when taken the photo directly. So, 4 stars for now and 5 stars later after the Focal Blur function gets updated with user-selectable blur size and location while taking a photo🌟🌟🌟🌟
Will rate 5 stars if it stops crashing.
by jmyers0341This app is incredible. But, as a chef working in a fast paced environment, I can't be wasting time messing about with an app that crashes more often than not! I just tried taking pictures of a new dessert - the first time I've tried the app in a few months after I stopped using it because of said frequent crashes - and out of 6 pictures I took, it crashed 4 times and only saved ONE - a single picture - of the six snaps I took. This makes it totally worthless to me, unfortunately - because I want to love this app.
Great app but keeps crashing
by Abcdefg808I love that the filters and the fact that the photos save to my camera roll. My one complaint is that it's constantly crashing. I notice it more when I take top-down photos but it still occurs when I take regular shots. It does well when I import the photo, but I'd rather take the photo in-app.

So the next time you are ready to send out some email marketing for restaurants. Get creative, instead of your generic stock photos or boring text. Use this low cost way to spruce up your

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