How To Book Parties For Your Restaurant

Booking parties and events at your restaurant isn’t just a great way to increase covers for an evening. Parties also invite new guests in and give you the opportunity to dazzle them with the best and most dynamic experience you have to offer.

Using the information gained from wifi marketing, you can encourage your customers to book events with you and keep that business moving, generating more parties and more engagement with a wider range of customers than you ever could have before.


Use Social Media to Keep Up With Customers’ Special Events

The most obvious, but not necessarily the simplest, way to use wifi marketing is to keep track of customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other regular life events. Many users keep their birthdays publicly posted on Facebook, and at least their birth month on Twitter. By collecting this data and reaching out to them beforehand, you can make a huge difference in your party bookings. The opportunities don’t end there, though. Once you have followed and friended your customers, building your community, you can set up alerts on the various platforms to let you know when they post or tweet about any event. This means you aren’t limited to birthdays. You can set up alerts for “graduation,” “promotion,” or any other word or phrase that might be appropriate to your venue. Then, when those words pop up, you can engage with them directly on the platform, via email, or another channel.

Convert Regular Customers to Parties

Regular customers are not only the easiest people to book for parties, they’re also great parties to book. Since they already know and love your establishment, they will eat and drink well while respecting the venue and appreciating your staff. Wifi marketing is useful here because not only can it help you reach out to your regulars, it can actually help you identify them. By taking note of customers who are signing into your wifi frequently, you can build an “Event Target List.” Together with the list of customers whose life events you have identified with the step above, these regulars can be selected to receive event-based messaging and special attention from your party planner or coordinator. The personalized touch that this adds is invaluable for inspiring confidence that your restaurant will provide the perfect venue for hosting their special event.




Use Your Landing Page To Highlight Event Capabilities

Certain seasons are chock-full of event opportunities, and during these times a specialized landing page can be a great way to let every customer who comes in see what you can do for their parties. Graduation season, the winter holidays, early summer before wedding season begins -- these can all provide a natural theme and reason for a new, event-based landing page. Let the particular season and the tone and ambiance of your venue guide your landing page advertising. For the pre-wedding season, for instance, you may want to entice a bachelorette party crowd or a rehearsal dinner. Explore different designs and copy with your marketing team and come up with something that draws the kind of attention you are looking for.


Target Emails To Likely Party Customers

Once you’ve built the list of customers who are likely to be interested in entertaining with you soon, you can send out an email that spells out why throwing a party at your restaurant is the perfect option for them. Scheduling these to go out once a month and refreshing your list so it includes upcoming life events and recent regulars makes it even more personal and effective. Basing the timing of these emails is really what makes them stand out from traditional marketing. Sending an email in January for a July birthday makes no sense, is ineffective, and feels cold and impersonal. The more you can tailor your messaging to your customers, the more they will trust that you can give that same personal attention to their guests.


Make Booking Easy and Intuitive

No matter how much a guest wants to book with you, if the process is opaque or frustrating, they’ll likely go somewhere else. If you’ve used wifi marketing to connect on social media, make sure that your customers can find your booking page or information on those platforms easily and quickly. Then, make sure that whoever is monitoring your social platforms pays special attention to event booking, and that it receives a high priority. When reaching out through email or newsletters, always include a link that will take your guests directly to an events page. Consider constructing a contact form especially for events that gathers information about the party so that when your maître d’ or event planner gets in touch, the process is already underway. This shows your guests that you’re anticipating their needs before the party has even begun.


Encourage Party Guests to Become Party Bookers

Every party your restaurant hosts isn’t just filled with new guests, it’s filled with potential party hosts that want to book your venue as well. Make sure that each guest has a great time and leaves with the information they’ll need to book, should they choose you. Each party is a great opportunity to put up your event landing page, because these guests will likely log in while they’re there. Another way to encourage them to book is to take note of which guests logged in during the party and add them to the list of customers on your “Event Target List.” They can receive the same email inviting them to entertain with you as your regulars do.


In the hospitality industry, the goal is to make every occasion feel like a party. If your guests are dining with you, you want them to feel as though they’re celebrating. We hope the tips here help you translate that feeling into more literal parties, both for the sake of your restaurant and for your guests.


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