How To Affordably Make Restaurant Wifi Free With Wifi Marketing


How To Affordably Make Restaurant Wifi Free With Wifi-Marketing

In today's restaurant industry, utilizing technology to save money or improve processes has always been a necessary component of operations. Now, with the advent of the Internet, restaurants are finding that patrons expect some things for free. One of those things is access to a wifi hot spot that allows them to connect their smartphones to the Internet during their visit. 

Understanding Affordability

The question on most restaurant owners' minds is: "how do we make our restaurant wife free in an affordable way." Affordability is dependent upon three factors: upfront cost, maintenance and return on investment. The upfront cost of enabling customers to access your wifi is relatively low. But, it takes a "geek" to set it up and keeping it up becomes more important than ever.

Wifi As A Marketing Tool

Turning your wifi hotspot into a marketing tool is the best way to affordably make restaurant wifi free. The cost associated with enabling your router to deliver messages and collect data, is also relatively low. With just an addition of an additional piece of hardware, you can be up and running in no time. Only now, you will find that the power to persuade and promote becomes automated.

Marketing That Is Automated

This new piece of hardware offers powerful opportunities to reach customers in legitimate and convenient ways. More importantly, the marketing messages you decide to send can be automated using conditional programming. This means, for example, that a customer, upon entering the restaurant, could automatically receive an email with today's specials. Perhaps even a blurb describing each dish and rich details on how it tastes.

Maintaining Your Advantage

To truly receive the benefits of wifi marketing, a restaurant has to be willing to maintain the service by continually devising new strategies and messages to reach potential, existing and new customers. This means taking an often daily look at the messages set for each condition on your new hardware, and updating them to reflect the current promotional state of your restaurant. It also means bringing creativity to the table by writing messages that don’t just promote, but also persuade customers to partake of your service.

Service That Builds Loyalty

Marketing messages, however, aren't the only benefit of making your wifi free to customers. It also becomes a way to build loyalty by providing a service that customers find valuable. Restaurants have likely mastered the table service, but have they cornered the market on exceeding expectations through free wifi? This is rapidly becoming a movement dictated by the wants of our young and old generations alike.

If you haven't jumped aboard the wifi generational movement, then you'll likely need a provider that can make it an affordable investment. Gazella Wifi provides restaurants the tool for turning their wifi into a giant marketing machine that builds loyalty, increases sales, and captures new business.

Gazella Wifi can set your router up in three simple steps, simply with the additional of one piece of compatible hardware. By now, you must be curious how this marketing machine really works. We suggest that you request a FREE demo today!


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