How much does wifi-marketing cost?

Wifi-Marketing is becoming more and more popular. Although all clients are unique and have their own goals, strategies, and plans to use the Gazella service, one of our most common questions about the Gazella product is pretty straight forward. "How much does it cost?"

wifi-marketing-price.jpgWhile the truth is wifi marketing actually makes you money if you are doing it right. We have seen many clients increase their marketing lists by well over 200% and with their marketing lists are bringing customers back more often, customers are spending more time, and more money at their restaurants.

Many of the restaurants were using archaic means of customer data collection which included items such as "Fishbowl" marketing by have restaurant guest drop a business card in the fishbowl to win a free meal or something of the sort. This while easy to implement (all it takes is putting a fishbowl on your counter-top) will force hours of expensive data entry to make any use of that customer data.

Additionally although a simple question "How much does it cost?" it is actually rather complicated. While we specialize in restaurants or similar small venue marketing. As you have probably noticed, not all restaurants are the same. There are tiny restaurants, and there are restaurants that are multiple floors and cover tens of thousands of square feet. Furthermore, when it comes to the wifi reliability, signal strength, and speed. There are a handful of different factors and preferences that come into question. Do you need top notch wifi with the speed of lighting? Or will the ability to check emails and watch Netflix without any buffering suffice?

Our system also works best when implemented with your current email marketing campaigns. Do you currently use a Mailchimp.comor Constant Contact account? If so, you are in luck as this makes setup go much easier.

Are you currently offering free wifi to your restaurant guests? or do you have multiple locations? Again a few pertinent questions to knowing what the ultimate price will come down to when setting up your wifi marketing or social wifi campaigns.

The good news is, we have developed a restaurant wifi marketing calculator to instantly get you your price quote. While the calculator will not work for large venues such as stadiums, malls, or airports, we will be able to instantly generate a straightforward pricing quote for your business in essentially no time at all.

Ready to find out just how much it will cost to give wifi-marketing a try?
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