Gazella Wifi-Marketing Announces Partner Program




Omaha, NE - January 17th, 2017: Gazella Wifi-Marketing, a pioneer in the social wifi and wifi marketing space. Which allows business to turn their guest wifi into an automated marketing tool. Has officially launched its Partner and Affiliate Programs. By partnering with Gazella affiliates and partners alike are eligible for substatial recurring lifetime commission opportunities.

The partner program is optimized for businesses looking to add an additional product to their product line of marketing and social media tools. Especially in the restaurant and small venue hospitality space.

There are two paths of partnership at this time. Affiliates and Registered Partners. Our affiliate program is ideal for bloggers, marketers, social media gurus, etc. This is quickest and easiest way to partnering with Gazella. The registered partner program is for those that are Great for active re-sellers, restaurant consultants, IT consultants, and more. The registered partner program comes with white label and co-branded options and additional support and features.

Our affiliate commissions are among the most generous in the industry, and we have many top influencers like yourself already earning money with us every month.

There’s no cost to join our affiliate program. For those interested in learning more, visit

For more information on Gazella Wifi-Marketing or to become a partner visit.