Engage Email Marketing Readers and Improve Return Rate

How To Engage Readers and Improve Your Return Rate

With wifi marketing, you’re able to pinpoint a lot of information about your customer. That info is useless, though, unless you know what to do with it. You’ve done the work of capturing email addresses and writing targeted messages, now let’s look at how to make sure those emails get read and have customers coming back.


Escape the Spam Filter

The first barrier you face in getting your messaging to your customer’s eyes is the spam filter. It’s not just the spam filter in their inbox, but the one in their mind you have to contend with. Writing an eye catching subject line overcomes this. Here are some examples of common subject lines and how they can be improved for a higher open rate:restaurant email marketing spam.png

“Thank you for your visit!” This is polite, but vague. You have to assume your customer has been to other places, and this wording won’t really help you stand out. Try this instead: “Salazar’s Welcomes You Back Soon”. Your name is in the subject, and instead of looking to the past, this line looks to the future - to the next visit.

“Please Join Us Next Thursday For Our FIRST Sushi Night Event” More than half of emails are first seen on mobile devices, so brevity is important. Keeping your subject to under 45 characters ensures it’s visible anywhere. Try this instead: “Sushi Night Thursday!” This conveys a sense of fun and is written in the conversational tone readers look for.

“20% Off Your Next Visit!” While customers love a promotion, this is just too generic to generate interest. Create a sense of excitement by leaving something to the imagination and adding personality: “Lindsey, Here’s a Special Deal For Next Week” Addressing your customer by name and saving the promo amount for the email body are effective ways to make sure your mail actually gets read.


Convert Email to Action

wifi-email-marketing-collection-action.pngOnce you’ve gotten the all-important read, you need to make the most of that opportunity. Including a clear call-to-action in your message gives your customer the ability to act immediately. Even if you don’t have something to promote right at the moment, you can still include action-based suggestions:

  • Make a reservation now! (link to reservation page or open table)
  • Add this event to your calendar (links to calendar apps)
  • Forward this email to a friend (route this through your contact page to capture email addresses)

This keeps your emails from feeling like filler. Instead, they become part of a dynamic conversation between you and your customers.

Engage With Happy Memories

Another key strategy to ensuring your emails connect is to tie them to real-life memories. With wifi marketing, you can send emails at specified times such as post-visit. Take this opportunity to remind them of the good time they had with you, and invite them to make more memories with you. This is especially effective after an event because you can personalize your message to their experience. Here are some real-world examples:

  • Thank you for making our first trivia night a success! Because it was such a hit, we’re going to make it a weekly event. Click here to reserve your table next week.
  • Special thanks from our chef de cuisine for coming in for our tasting menu. Next month, she will prepare new, seasonal offerings and would love to invite you back.
  • Taco Tuesday is on a roll, thanks to you! Next week we’ll be serving up our secret-recipe carnitas, same taco-time, same taco-channel.


If you’d like to see how your restaurant can use wifi marketing to capture the data you need to target your emails effectively, check out our FREE Demo here!

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