Double Your Restaurant Revenue in Half the Time - Wifi Marketing Tips


How To Double Your Restaurant Revenue in Half the Time

Once you’ve combed through food cost, maximized your menu, and trained your staff on upselling, you may feel like there’s nothing else you can do to increase profit. Don’t fall into this trap! Advertising, websites, and customer communication are all important factors in getting people in the door. Let’s look at some smart steps to take advantage of wifi data’s ability to drive revenue.

  1. Know Your Customer

     Using information gathered about your customers from wifi engagement, you can time your messages to coincide with their habits. Sending out a newsletter is a pretty basic method of communication, but you can take it one step further by sending specific newsletters to specific customers. For example, if you know based on wifi data that certain customers tend to come in after 7 on weekdays, make sure they get emails that promote your after-work specials and any events at that time. The key is to prevent email burnout. By making sure that customers only receive messages that are relevant to them, you ensure that your customers are learning about your promotions, but in a way that never leads them to tune you out.

  2. Stay Up-To-Date

    A static website that gets updated once a year will let customers find your hours and location, but it’s a huge missed opportunity to keep customers up to date on what you’re doing. Update your site regularly with specials, events, and menu changes, and then notify your customers of the updates through newsletters and social media. This means you’re not only keeping your website fresh and dynamic, but you’re generating content that can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is a good opportunity to use the social media information you’ve gathered about your customers from wifi marketing. Requiring a social login for wifi access will tell you which sites customers are spending time on so you can tailor posts to those formats.

  3. Fine Tune Your Advertisements

    Advertising is expensive, and it pays to make sure yours is earning its keep. One of the key benefits of tracking customer data is the quick ability to see what’s working and what isn’t in terms of ads and promotions. Consider running a few different versions of each ad at first, tracking which ad has been received by different groups of users. Then, by combining this with repeat login data on the restaurant’s wifi marketing, you’ll be able to see which was most effective.

  4. Prepare For Longer Visits

    Having wifi available to your customers increases “dwell time,” that is, the amount of time customers spend per visit. This can easily translate into order increases, but only if you’re prepared to take advantage of it. First, train your servers to upsell at more of their table stops. “Would anyone like dessert?” is fine, but it’s a missed opportunity to sell more drinks, appetizers, and small plates. Which brings us to the menu. Tapas and small snacks can add up on a check, and since your customers will be hanging around longer, you’ll have more time to sell them. Update your menu and website, and notify your customers of the new additions using smart newsletters.

If you haven’t seen what wifi marketing can do for your restaurant, check out our demo here!

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