Build a Restaurant Email Marketing List Fast With a Limited Budget

How to Build a Restaurant Email Marketing List Fast With a Limited Budget Using Wifi Marketing


Email marketing proved over time to be one of the most reliable tools for building your customer base and loyalty, and it’s still rated better than social media for that purpose. Contrary to popular belief, to get a successful restaurant email newsletter campaign under way doesn’t require a ton of money or a vast amount of time, but it does require some preparation and thinking before the actual implementation of that system. Allow us to share our thoughts on how to successfully run such an endeavor.

Choosing the right restaurant newsletter software

While some people would think that getting a list of subscribers is the primary step of creating a restaurant email marketing list, this is rarely the case. By choosing a reliable and flexible software, whether it’s a reliable and well-known program like MailChimp or one of the more personalized, newer ones, you are making sure that you get to know that software and all of its functions well, ensuring there are no unexpected hiccups along the way.

Prepare your templates

Templates are what makes using an email marketing campaign easy, as at least 50% of the emails that are sent out as a reply will use pre-made templates, including “thank you” messages you’ll be sending out on a daily basis. Whether it’s a one-liner or a more complex response, having those templates ready significantly reduces the time needed to answer incoming mail. 

Expert tip, when it comes time to crafting the copy for setting up your restaurant newsletter, especially the "Thanks You" and "Welcome" emails, don't recreate the wheel. Use resources such as this site was created for ecommerece sites, but with a little creatvity you can easiliy make updates to make relevant for your restaurant email marketing

Build your restaurant email marketing list

There is a number of ways to do so, the best ones being: 

  • Use “opt-in” form on your website
  • Have customers drop their business card in a fishbowl
  • Have a loyalty program that grants some small advantages to anyone who becomes a member by subscribing
  • Get subscription cards that a customer gets with the menu or the receipt
  • Market the loyalty program on social media
  • Wifi Marketing also known as Wifi Advertising Software or Hotspot Marketing

Screenshot_18.pngWhile all of these are great options, the reality is restaurant goers rarely go to your website unless they are ordering takeout, and not many restaurant goers will download an app for a loyalty program. The fishbowl is easy and cheap, but requires a ton of data entry and not everyone has a business card. The trick is to being as seamless as possible. With wifi marketing its a win-win. Customer gets their free wifi, and you get their opt-in email support for your restaurant newsletters. 

With wifi marketing, a typical sports bar with average traffic can expect to receive over 100 customer profile logins per week. Over time these opt-in restaurant newsletter emails really begin to add up, often costing the owner less than .25 cents to aquire the opt-in customers email. Bringing the customer back just one time proves to be a solid ROI. 

When you have your wifi marketing email list it’s often a good idea to create specific, separate lists for different purposes. For example, creating an email list of people wanting to know about when there are special events happening at your restaurant, like wine tasting, special cuisine nights or a big sports event on the television. 

Do a specific market research

Segmenting and personalizing the emails that are being sent out is of vital importance, as by doing so, you’re appealing to the specific interests of those customers. The categories used for that will depend on the type of restaurant that you have, and the type of customers going there as well. The segmenting part can be done while getting the customer to subscribe by getting them a short questionnaire or using the informatioin provided with your wifi advertising software. Personalize every email you’re sending out by addressing the customer by the first name if possible, and by using the info you got from that questionnaire.

Ask and encourage feedback 

One of the main goals of a restaurant email marketing campaign is to get the opinion of your customers. In order to make sure that process goes smooth, you should make it easy to reply to the emails. Includes links to get in touch, whether that be for an email or social media such as Facebook or Instagram. (Heres how you can double down on your restaurants Instagram account)


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