Integrate Instagram to Restaurant Email Marketing

Integrating Instagram into Restaurant Email Marketing

Double down with Instagram and Email Marketing, Triple your Restaurant Marketing Efforts with Social Wifi. 

Your restaurant customers are taking great photos of your entrees, documenting the fun times their having, and bragging to their friends about the delicious desert they just ordered, and its all done through Instagram. But unless all of your customers are those young hip kids with Instagram there is a good chance the Instagram photos can go unnoticed. 

Double down your Instagram photos with restaurant email marketing and restaurant email newsletters. Whether you are utilizing a social wifi platform gathering opt in subscribers or the old fashion opt in email subscribers In less than a few minutes you can put together an incredible marketing campaign which can last for years. Here is how. 

1.) Start taking Instagram photos. If your restaurant marketing team doesn't have an Instagram account its about time you create one. If you don't have time, don't worry. Most servers and bartenders would be honored to have the extra task of taking a few pictures through out their shift. (Management tip: Require this designated waitstaff employee to take a minimum of one picture each shift. The consistency is what is key.)

instagram.png2.) Input your user name into (see screen shot) this will create an RSS feed of your pictures. It's pretty simple. If you have never used an RSS feed before it will look something like this. Copy that RSS feed link. You will need in the third step. 

3.) Integrate with your restaurant newsletter. In your email service provider. Such as Constant Contact, SendGrid, MailChimp, etc.  Use the RSS feature to send restaurant email marketing updates as often or as infrequent as you like. Mailchimp does a great job of this, if you currently have a Mailchimp account the time to setup is approximately less than 10 minutes. 

If you a currently leveraging a wifi marketing or social wifi you could be hitting up thousands of potential customers with highly engaging restaurant marketing content. Not only doubling, but tripling down on your marketing efforts. 

The best part is this is a set it and forget it system. You build this one time, and it will consistently ping your restaurant email subscribers with your Instagram updates. Most of your restaurants email subscribers will be happy you sent engaging photos rather than another sales pitch, leaving your restaurant top of mind. Giving you the biggest bang for you buck or in this case your time for not only Instagram but your restaurant email marketing plan. 

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