5 Tips For Increasing Readers For Your Restaurant Emails


Email marketing, no matter how finely crafted, won’t get customers into the door of your restaurant if your messages never get read. It’s not enough to create targeted, motivating campaigns, you must be able to deliver the messages to as wide an audience as possible. These five tips will help you spread your messaging to as wide an audience as possible, boosting your numbers and reaching new customers every day.

Incentivize Sharing

The most effective way to get a potential customer to read your restaurant email is not to send it. This sounds shocking, but it’s true. If a message comes from someone the customer knows it’s much more likely to be read. Sharing is the way we unlock that potential. For an established customer, sharing an email with a discount coupon is easy; they know they enjoy your restaurant, and they’re passing savings on to a friend. For that friend, it’s much more enticing because the email is coming with a personal recommendation. It’s a classic win/win/win.

Video Content In Restaurant Email Marketing

Video is on the rise on every type of media. Facebook, for example, sees 135% more engagement with video than with still photos. You can capitalize on this trend in your emails by including short videos or even gifs. Remember, attention spans are short online, and email is not immune to that. Creating short, eye-catching videos showcasing specials and events are proven effective in all types of brand outreach.

While it's probably not a good idea to embed a video in an email. (Many email filters will not allow this). There is an easy way around it. Take a screenshot of your video and place that image in your email linking the actual video url to that image. To the user it will look like a video, but once they click to get it started it will open up the video URL and begin to play the video. You get another win/win/win. The user gets great content, your increasing engagement with the video, and if you've done it right you have redirected them to your website to gain even further engagement. 

Collect Every Email Address

One of the capture loopholes inwifi marketing is the large group. If one person logs in, there’s no guarantee everyone else in the group will. But this is easy to fix! By having your landing page be one of your business social media sites, you have the opportunity to engage every customer who sits down. Make your status updates or pinned tweets fun and easy to engage with games or polls, so everyone at the table will want to join in.


Use Social Media to Drive Email Engagement

While some customers are more likely to sign up for social media engagement, once they are at that point they are primed to sign up for email outreach. While social media provides valuable passive engagement, getting a customer on your email newsletter list puts you in the driver’s seat of your communication with them. Encourage customers to cross over to email by posting teasers to discount coupons with newsletter signup on Facebook, Twitter, andInstagram


Create Positive Emotional Associations

Possibly the most important tactic in making sure your emails continue to be read is the content of the emails themselves. Remind your repeat customers of the fun times they’ve had at your restaurant by emailing in the days after their visit inviting them back. Something as simple as a thank you note afterward can form warm connections that encourage them to continue interacting with you.


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