10 Ways To Show Quality Service Through Wifi Marketing




“Marketing” as an industry has developed a bad name. Business owners have taken advantage of the small scraps of information they’ve been able to obtain about their customers. Before we knew how to target email effectively, for example, promotional spam was the tool owners relied on to convey their message. Being careless can damage the relationship between diner and proprietor. Wifi marketing changes every damaging paradigm in easy and measurable ways. Here are some clear steps to using your wifi technology to better care for your customers.


  1. Prolong Your Customers’ Experiences

A time tested way to increase ticket amounts is to increase the amount of time a diner spends in your restaurant. This is food industry gospel, but have you considered the customer’s point of view? Think of your favorite places to eat. Don’t they give you everything you need to spend a few hours without worrying about the outside world? Of course they do. By providing wifi, you remove an obstacle for your diner.


  1. Invite People In

Making customers feel welcome is of the highest importance. But it’s equally important to invite new customers in for the first time.Wifi marketing gives you this opportunity. For returning customers, show them that you recognize their continued patronage by welcoming them back. For new customers, use your login screen to welcome them and let them know they’re valuable to you.


  1. Highlight The Best Ways To Engage

Customers want to engage with you, but they want to do it on their terms. If you’re sending emails to a diner who doesn’t use email, that’s wasted effort! Give your customers a choice in how to engage with you. Then, when they do, let them know you appreciate it. Follow back on Twitter and Facebook, send an email letting them know you appreciate their patronage. If you tend to do better in one form of engagement over the other, let your customer know that. They’ll appreciate your honesty, and you’ll have found a true point of connection.


  1. Show Off Your Specials

Everyone loves a bargain! This is just human nature, but it doesn’t mean you have to have a discount every time you reach out. Limited time menu items, special events, highlighted dishes - these are all great openers to a conversation with your customer. Let them know what you have to offer and they’ll let you know what they like. This leads to a more focused marketing campaign and greater returns going forward.


  1. Engage Your Customers With One Another

No advertising is as persuasive as word-of-mouth advertising. You can’t reach into every living room in your area, but what you can do is encourage your customers to talk to one another and to their friends. By providing an active social network, accessible through wifi, you can connect your establishment with your diners and from there touch every person in their network. Don’t underestimate the power of direct engagement! People value personal recommendations more than any other form of review. Social wifi enables you to tap into this in an organic way.


  1. Offer Real Time Engagement

Memories in this industry are regrettably short. We all wish that the great first impressions we make would last forever, but that’s just not the case. Location-specific communications overcome that hurdle by letting your customers know when they’re in your area, and reminding them of the great time they had with you. A well-timed email or SMS messagewhen they’re in the neighborhood can convert a one-time happy diner into a lifelong customer.


  1. Become Part of the Conversation

Once you’ve done all the work of setting up a wifi program and infrastructure that allows you to connect with your clients, the last thing you want to do is let it go to waste. By devoting time to fostering your online relationships with your diners on social media, you become a part of their everyday lives. If you can devote the time to engaging with them on the social platforms that they’re using, you can cease to be a brand, and instead be a member of the community. 


  1. Avoid Being Inbox Fodder

A deleted email is a wasted email. In the first days of your customer communication campaign, you probably experienced many emails that garnered you zero new business. This was because you had no way to know who your customers were, and therefore no way to connect with them on a personal level. With the information you gain from wifi marketing, you’ll be able tailor multiple campaigns, all suiting different demographics, with very little extra effort on your part.


  1. Create Real Relationships

The most valuable aspect of the hospitality industry is just that: hospitality. The basis of real hospitality is fostering an ongoing relationship with not just the customer, but also the person. With traditional marketing, there is no real way to track the people that come in your door, let alone the various needs and opportunities they present. Wifi marketing gives you the personalization that was previously only available to restaurants with full-time front of the house staff devoted to the bigwigs. You can know, for instance, what day of the week which type of customer is more likely to dine on. Knowing these simple things allows you to treat them with hospitality like you would family.


  1. Stay In Tune With Shifting Needs

If diner demographics and habits stayed the same, your job would be a thousand times easier. Unfortunately, trends, seasons, and even whims, can play havoc on your ability to plan for customers’ needs. One of the biggest information gains you can get from wifi marketing is the ability to pivot quickly. You’ll be able to track, on a customer-by-customer basis, who’s coming in, what they’re spending, how long they’re staying, and what they’re responding to. Imagine being able to tailor your offerings based on real information provided by your clients. This is what wifi marketing can do.


We hope that this article has closed the gap between what you thought you could do with previous marketing strategies and what is actually achievable with wifi marketing. The idea that quality service is the only effective marketing has been disproven, and you have the ability to make marketing work for you instead of against you. Don't take our word for it though. Gazella check out this review on Reviewster.com as the best wifi marketing solution compared to other wifi-marketing alternatives. 

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