10 Creative Ways to Draw More Customers to Your Restaurant

How to get more people in your restaurant.pngRapidAdvance an online tool which helps small business and in particular restaurants with small business loans has rated Gazella as a top 10 creative way to draw more customers to their restaurants. 

"As a loan provider Rapid Advance has a vested interest in making sure customers are coming back to their restaurant clients" says Gazella CEO Eric Burns. "The Rapid Advance team works with restaurants on a daily basis and we are excited that they look to us when it comes to advising their customers with marketing solutions."

There are plenty of ways to bring customers into a restaurant, but at Gazella we believe we can do this at a much more cost efficient and time efficient way. As wifi marketing is a newer technology it is incredibly encouraging to see Gazella landing on more and more list like these. To read their full article click here

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